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Bananya: Fushigi na Nakama-tachi

Bananya: Fushigi na Nakama-tachi - Update ep 4

1 hour ago
Aired: Fall 2019
Sequel of Bananya.
Meiken Lassie

Meiken Lassie - Update ep 18

7 hours ago
John is a cheerful and energetic young boy, who lives in a small coal-mining town in England. One day he finds a small dog lost in a flock of sheep. John takes her back home and names the puppy Lassie. Soon they become good friends, just like real siblings. Lassie is a very lovely and smart dog, so everyone in the town loves her very much. But their happy life doesn't last long. Suddenly a coal-mine owner closes his company because there is no more coal left in the coal mine. John goes to meet the coal-mine owner to request a further investigation. The owner accepts John's request, but in exchange for that, he takes Lassie to Scotland. Priscilla, the owner's granddaughter and also John's friend, cannot just stand by and let Lassie suffer in a cage. She opens the cage and sets Lassie free. Lassie sets out on a very long and hard journey from Scotland to her hometown.
Pokemon Sun & Moon

Pokemon Sun & Moon - Update ep 144

1 day ago
Aired: Fall 2016
After his mother wins a free trip to the islands, Pokemon trainer Satoshi and his partner Pikachu head for Melemele Island of the beautiful Alola region, which is filled with lots of new Pokemon and even variations of familiar faces. Eager to explore the island, Satoshi and Pikachu run wild with excitement, quickly losing their way while chasing after a Pokemon. The pair eventually stumbles upon the Pokemon School, an institution where students come to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

At the school, when he and one of the students—the no-nonsense Kaki—have a run-in with the nefarious thugs of Team Skull, Satoshi discovers the overwhelming might of the Z-Moves, powerful attacks originating from the Alola region that require the trainer and Pokemon to be in sync. Later that night, he and Pikachu have an encounter with the guardian deity Pokemon of Melemele Island, the mysterious Kapu Kokeko. The Pokemon of legend bestows upon them a Z-Ring, a necessary tool in using the Z-Moves. Dazzled by his earlier battle and now in possession of a Z-Ring, Satoshi and Pikachu decide to stay behind in the Alola Region to learn and master the strength of these powerful new attacks.

Enrolling in the Pokemon School, Satoshi is joined by classmates such as Lillie, who loves Pokemon but cannot bring herself to touch them, Kaki, and many others. Between attending classes, fending off the pesky Team Rocket—who themselves have arrived in Alola to pave the way for their organization's future plans—and taking on the Island Challenge that is necessary to master the Z-Moves, Satoshi and Pikachu are in for an exciting new adventure.

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Kirakira Happy★Hirake! Cocotama

Kirakira Happy★Hirake! Cocotama - Update ep 55

Oct-18-2019 @ 00:48
The new series will focus on a new protagonist named Haruka Hoshinogawa, and a Cocotama god born from her precious ribbon.
Super Shiro

Super Shiro - 1 ep(s)

Oct-15-2019 @ 09:48
Aired: Fall 2019
Spin-off series of Crayon Shin-chan franchise, featuring Shiro. Commemorates 60th Anniversary of TV Asahi.
Sonic X

Sonic X - 78 ep(s)

Oct-08-2019 @ 13:49
Back on Sonic's home planet, Eggman has collected all 7 of the Chaos Emeralds, and is about to have absolute power when Sonic interferes, causing an explosion that sends everyone from their world to Earth. Sonic and his friends team up with 12 year old Christopher Thorndyke to collect all the Chaos Emeralds and defeat the evil Dr. Eggman.
Zenryoku Usagi

Zenryoku Usagi - 52 ep(s)

Oct-02-2019 @ 12:49
Zenryoku Usagi are hardworking construction builders — who happen to be rabbits — with a simple motto: "Zenryoku+Dai-ichi" ("Give everything you've got and be #1.") The animated shorts were aired in Japan within the Chibi Ani Gekijō (Tiny Anime Theater) program on Friday or Saturday mornings, depending on the station. Ikeda and Media Factory have created two books and numerous spinoff goods featuring the characters.
Ie Naki Ko

Ie Naki Ko - 51 ep(s)

Oct-01-2019 @ 14:49
Aired: Fall 1977
Remi is a boy living happily with his mother in the French countryside. But everything changes when his estranged father comes home and, in desperate need of money, reveals that Remi is adopted, and sells him. Heartbroken, Remi ends up with Vitalis, a traveling musician, and his troupe of animal entertainers. Together, they travel the country in search for Remi's real parents, along the way learning the harsh lessons of life. A deeply moving story about friendship, loss and the pursuit of happiness.
Usagi no Mofy

Usagi no Mofy - 1 ep(s)

Sep-28-2019 @ 12:48
Aired: Fall 2012
The story of a white rabbit and her friends.
Kaiketsu Zorori: Mamoru ze! Kyouryuu no Tamago

Kaiketsu Zorori: Mamoru ze! Kyouryuu no Tamago - 1 ep(s)

Sep-27-2019 @ 02:49
Aired: Fall 2013
Three main characters — Zorori, Ishishi, and Noshishi — get a letter from their friend (a dinosaur mother) to come see some dinosaur eggs because they are going to hatch soon. When they get to the legendary dinosaur island, they are greeted with a warm welcome. However, a huge typhoon hits the island and the eggs go missing. Zorori goes on a quest to save the eggs and have them safely returned to their families.
The Snack World (TV)

The Snack World (TV) - Update ep 8

Sep-21-2019 @ 09:48
In "a certain era" on "a certain continent," banal things are happening. The construction of "Large-Scale Leisure Facilities" has demanded that all the villages are to be evicted. When these demands are denied, the village and its residents are obliterated. A boy named Chap once lived in tranquility, but that happiness soon came crumbling down. He decides to embark on a journey of revenge, but soon falls madly in love with the king's daughter, Princess Melora. In order to fulfill her selfish wishes, he gathers his friends in order to overcome the impossible.
Wagamama☆Fairy Mirumo de Pon!

Wagamama☆Fairy Mirumo de Pon! - 36 ep(s)

Sep-18-2019 @ 13:49
Kaede is a cheerful and energetic eighth grader. When it comes to boys, however, she is hopelessly shy. One day, on her way home from school, Kaede walks into a mysterious shop and buys a colorful cocoa mug. When she reaches home, she casually peeks into the bottom of the mug and discovers an engraved note, which says, "If you read this message aloud while pouring hot cocoa into the mug, a love fairy ("muglox") will appear and grant your every wish." The skeptical but curious Kaede follows the directions and announces her wish to date Yuuki, the class heartthrob. Suddenly, the adorable blue Mirumo appears! We soon find out, however, that this cute little muglox would rather eat chocolate and create mischief than help Kaede. Mirumo, it seems, is prince of the muglox world. Horrified at the prospect of having to marry Rirumu, his princess bride-to-be, Mirumo has escaped the muglox world. Hot on his heels, however, are Rirumu, Yashichi the bounty hunter, and a cast of hundreds of muglox ranging from the good to the bad to the nutty. This gang of adorable troublemakers will see to it that school life for Kaede and her friends is never the same...
Doraemon Movie 38: Nobita no Takarajima

Doraemon Movie 38: Nobita no Takarajima - 1 ep(s)

Sep-12-2019 @ 04:48
Doraemon: Nobita no Takarajima takes the well-known characters to the Caribbean Sea; Nobita is the captain of a ship and fights against his enemies. Shizuka is kidnapped and a storm prevents her persecution. When the adventurers finally find the mysterious Treasure Island, where they have taken Shizuka, they discover that it is something more than a common island.

Akiba-chan - 10 ep(s)

Sep-05-2019 @ 17:00
Akiba-chan focuses on the daily life of Akiba-chan and four fellow TV and game fans in the Maison de Akiba apartments. Buildup Entertainment (Gundam: Mission To The Rise, Macross Plus) produced the computer animation with director Junya Kabe (Specter, D) and character designer Poyoyon Rock (Nurse Witch Komugi, Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko).
Pi Po Pa Po Patrol-kun

Pi Po Pa Po Patrol-kun - 1 ep(s)

Aug-27-2019 @ 04:49
Aired: Fall 2000
A children's anime about police and their talking police cars. It has no steady plot.
Pokemon Sun and Moon (Dub)

Pokemon Sun and Moon (Dub) - Update ep 117, 118

Aug-26-2019 @ 09:48
Satoshi and his Pikachu head off to a new region, Alola, wearing a new set of clothes. He receives a Z-Ring and becomes a student at a school.
Motto! Ojamajo Doremi: Kaeru Ishi no Himitsu

Motto! Ojamajo Doremi: Kaeru Ishi no Himitsu - 1 ep(s)

Aug-26-2019 @ 03:48
Mo~tto Ojamajo Doremi movie features the five witches Doremi, Aiko, Hazuki, Onpu, and Momoko as they visit Doremi's grandpa's home. There, they learn of the mystery of the frog stone, a magical place where magic used to mingle in the old countryside. Aiko rediscovers her love for grandpa, and Doremi learns a piece of the magical kingdom's past.

Kasumin - Update ep 12

Aug-24-2019 @ 02:48
Aired: Fall 2001
Haruno Kasumi is a fourth-grader. Her parents are zoologists who went over to Africa to carry out their research studies. In order to see off her parents, Kasumi arrived at Kasumi Town. In the middle of the town lies an enormous mansion surrounded by the forest. The mansion belongs to the Kasumi household, the family in which Kasumi will be lodging in and taken care of. There is a mysterious aura about the mansion and Kasumi discovers a series of talking appliances. The Kasumi family refers to these creatures as "Henamon". In return for living in with the family, Kasumi will be helping out with the household chores such as cooking and washing. Surrounded by various interesting characters, Kasumi begins a new chapter in her life.
Transformers Superlink Special

Transformers Superlink Special - 1 ep(s)

Aug-19-2019 @ 02:00
Aired: Fall 2004
Episode 43.5, "Distribution", is a comedic special show which commemorates 500 episodes of Transformers in Japan (however, since that total includes assorted Japanese series, the west is still some distance away from this number). When aired in Japan, it did not air in the usual timeslot for Superlink, and is not in any sort of chronological order - It features the Autobots playing a video game training simulator, which they certainly do not have time to do between episodes 42 and 44.
Tanoshii Muumin Ikka Bouken Nikki

Tanoshii Muumin Ikka Bouken Nikki - 26 ep(s)

Aug-14-2019 @ 13:48
Aired: Fall 1991
In the remote and mysterious Moomin Valley live the Moomin trolls, gentle and peaceful creatures. Young Moomin and his family experience many strange adventures, both magical and mundane. Based on the children's stories by Tove Jansson.
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